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Fitosociologia numero 43 (1)

pag. 141-175: La vegetazione di Monte Mancuso (Calabria centro-occidentale)

G. Maiorca1, G. Spampinato2 & A.C. Caprio3

1ARSSA – Agenzia Regionale per lo Sviluppo e per i Servizi in Agricoltura, Viale Trieste 95, I-87100 Cosenza; e-mail: hemeridianum@tiscali.it

2Dip. STAFA, Università “Mediterranea”, C.da Feo di Vito, I-89100 Reggio Calabria; e-mail: gspampinato@unirc.it

3Via Busento 9, I-87036 Roges di Rende (CS); e-mail: hemeridianum@tiscali.it

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The Vegetation of MountMancuso (C-W Calabria). A phytosociological survey of MountMancuso vegetation is reported. This area is part of Sila Piccola mountainous district and will be included into Mancuso-Reventino-Tiriolo RegionalPark. On the whole, 33 sintaxa, spreading into four bioclimatic belts, are described. Data about floristical, structural, ecological and dynamic characteristics are given. The state of preservation of the oceanic bioclimatic belt’s beech-woods is remarkable as well as mesomediterranean communities belonging to Quercetea ilicis class. The strong human pressure increases the risk of the woodland damage, voiding all efforts to preserve a very interesting biotope.


Calabria, Italy, Mount Mancuso, phytosociology, vegetation