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Fitosociologia 44 (2) S1 2007

pag. 183-193: Cartografia degli habitat della Direttiva CEE 92/43 nei biotopi della Provincia di Siracusa (Sicilia orientale)

P. Pavone1, G. Spampinato2, V. Tomaselli3, P. Minissale1, R. Costa1, S. Sciandrello1 & F. Ronsisvalle1

1Dip. di Botanica, Università di Catania, via A. Longo 19, 95125, Catania

2Dip.S.T.A.F.A., Università Mediterranea, 89060 Feo di Vito, Reggio Calabria

3CNR, Istituto di Genetica Vegetale, Via G. Amendola 165/A 70126, Bari

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Map of the habitats of the EEC Directive 92/43 in the biotopes of the Syracuse province (eastern Sicily). In the framework of the activities aimed to the creation of the provincial landscaping plan of Syracuse, a map of the habitats (scale 1:10.000) of the EEC Directive 92/43 is presented. The habitat mapping, realized in a GIS environment, allowed the implementation of a geo-referred database within a territorial informative system and the production of thematic maps. 32 biotopes were identified for a total area of 30,597 ha. A total of 48 habitat types were recognized: 30 natural habitat types of community interest, most of which classified as priority habitat, and 18 not included in the EEC Directive. At last, some considerations concerning the interpretation of the EEC Directive and the habitat mapping were provided.


EEC Directive 92/43, habitat mapping, Sicily, Syracuse.