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Plant Sociology 55 (2) 2018

pag. 45-55: The Rhamnetalia fallacis P. Fukarek 1969 in the eastern Alps, the Dinarides and the Apennines

E. Biondi & M. Allegrezza

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, Marche Polytechnic University, I-60131 Ancona, Italy

doi: 10.7338/pls2018552/04

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The present contribution was designed to deepen the knowledge of the Italian forest vegetation through its connection with the dynamic, pre-forest and mantle aspects relating to Oreoherzogia fallax (=Rhamnus alpina L. subsp. fallax (Boiss.) Maire et Petimg., = Rhamnus fallax Boiss.), a southeastern European orophyte of the south-eastern Alps, the Balkan peninsula and the Apennines. Considering the quality of the historical relationships between the Italian flora and vegetation and that of the Balkan peninsula, the study investigated in detail the vegetation of the order Rhamnetalia fallacis P. Fukarek 1969 indicated for the Balkan peninsula. The results of this study of the pre-forest vegetation of the beech forests of the association Polysticho aculeati-Fagetum sylvaticae subass. taxetosum baccatae of Campo Imperatore plateau allowed the identification of the new association Taxo baccatae-Juniperetum nanae, which is proposed as typus of the new Apennine alliance Junipero nanae-Oreoherzogion fallacis, vicariant for the Apennines of the alliance Lonicero-Rhamnion fallacis of a Balkan distribution. The new alliance Junipero nanae-Oreoherzogion fallacis is referred to the order Rhamnetalia fallacis and the class Rhamno catharticae-Prunetea spinosae.


Apennines, Rhamnetalia fallacis, Rhamno-Prunetea, syntaxonomy