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Plant Sociology 55 (2) 2018

pag. 3-8: Arrhenatherion elatioris Koch 1926 nom. correct.: demonstration of its validity and syntaxonomic implications of its rejection

G. Mercadal, L. Vilar

Herbarium of the University of Girona. Department Environmental Science, Montilivi campus, C/M. Aurèlia Campmany 69, E-17003 Girona, Spain.

doi: 10.7338/pls2018552/01

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We demonstrate the validity of the Arrhenatherion elatioris Koch 1926 based on the indirect reference Scherrer (1925), and we choose it as the preferential name to its homonym Arrhenatherion elatioris Luquet 1926 nom. illeg. (art. 31). Our choice is because the nomenclatural type of the Arrhenatherion Koch, Arrhenatheretum elatioris Scherrer 1925, is a association of the Arrhenatherion alliance; while that of Arrhenatherion Luquet, Agrostidetum Luquet 1926, corresponds to an association of the Triseto-Polygonion Br.-Bl. and Tx. ex Marschall 1947 alliance. Therefore, the prioritisation of Luquet’s authorship would include replacing Triseto-Polygonion with Arrhenatherion Luquet, because then that name would become the priority, and a new name would have to be found for the traditional concept of the Arrhenatherion. Ultimately, and if necessary, to avoid unnecessary nomenclatural changes and creating erroneous interpretations, article 52 (nomina conservanda) could also be applied to protect Arrhenatherion and Triseto-Polygonion.


Arrhenatherion elatioris, correct name, Europe, nomenclature, syntaxonomy