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Fitosociologia 39 (1) S2 2002

pag. 75-80: La vegetazione arbustiva di un settore costiero dell'Adriatico centrale italiano

E. Biondi, S. Bagella, S. Casavecchia & M. Pinzi

Dipartimento di Biotecnologie Agrarie e Ambientali, Università degli Studi di Ancona, via Brecce Bianche I-60131
Ancona; biondi@popcsi.unian.it

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The shrubby vegetation in a coastal sector of Italian central Adriatic sea. The results of the phytosociological analysis concerning the shrubby vegetation of a sector of the Italian Adriatic coast, of around 20 Kms, sitiiated in the Regional Natural Park of Conero, are presented. It deals with mountainous coasts of two main lithomorphological typologies: marly-arenaceous and calcareous formations. On the first formation, in correspondence to marly rocks, the new Lonicero etruscae-Cornetum sanguineae association, belonging to the edapho-hygrophilous meso and submediterranean pre-apennine series of the elm (Symphyto bulbosi-Ulmeto minoris sigmetum), develops. On the contrary, on sand stones, constituted by superimposed levels and intercalated to marlstones, develops a xerophilous vegetation which stops at the maquis stadium, referred to the new Coronillo emeroidis-Rhamnetum alaterni association in the new loniceretosum etruscae sub-association. On the calcareous cliffs of the warmest slopes, a maquis vegetation develops, referred to the same association but in the most thermophilous subassociation viburnetosum tini, colonising partially consolidated screes, which represents an element of the mesomediterranean italian-tyrrhenian and amphiadriatic calcicolous series of the holm-oak (Fraxino orni -Querceto ilicis sigmetum). Finally, on the steep slopes of the compact limestones of the warmest sectors of the South-East side of M. Conero (Valley of the Vellare), the new ampelodesmetosum mauritanici sub-association of the Coronillo emeroidis-Euphorbietum dendroidis association is described. It differentiates from the latter for the presence of more temperate elements and for the loss of some thermomediterranean species.


coasts, Park of Conero, shrubby vegetation, syntaxonomy