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Fitosociologia 39 (1) 2002

pag. 127-134: Contributo alla conoscenza delle praterie su substrati ultramafici dell'Alta Valtiberina (Toscana orientale, Italia)

D. Viciani1, B. Foggi1, A . Gabellini2 & D. Rocchini3

1Museo di Storia Naturale dell'Università di Firenze, sez. Orto Botanico via P.A. Micheli 3, I-50121 Firenze; e-rnail: daniele.viciani@unifi.it; ortbot@unifi.it
2DREAM Italia S.C.r.I. - via dei Guazzi 13, Poppi, Arezzo
3Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale, Università di Siena, via P.A. Mattioli 4, I-53100 Siena

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Contribution to the knowledge of grasslands on ultramafics substrata of the Upper Tiber Valley (Eastern Tuscany, Italy). T.he Upper Tiber Valley is characterized by a wide diffusion of ultramafic substrata. The flora and vegetation of these substrata have been researched since the middle of the XX century. In recent years, phytosociological studies have allowed us to point out some peculiar vegetation types. In this paper the new association Festuco robustifoliae-Caricetum humilis is described. It consists of grassland phytocoenoses dominated by Carex humilis, Danthonia alpina and Festuca robustifolia, with Stipa etrusca, S. tirsa and Chrysopogon gryllus. Peculiar syntaxonomic, synchorologic and syndynamic aspects are shown.


Eastern Tuscany, grasslands, phytosociology, ultramafic substrata