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Fitosociologia 39 (1) 2002

pag. 81-108: Flora e vegetazione dei laghi costieri La Vota (Calabria centro-occidentale)

G. Maiorca1, G. Spampinato2 & A. Caprio3

1ARSSA - Agenzia Regionale per lo Sviluppo e per i Servizi in Agricoltura, Viale Trieste 93, I-87100 Cosenza; e-mail: hemeridianum@tiscali.it
2Dipartimento S.T.A.F.A., Universirtà di Reggio Calabria, Piazza S. Francesco, I-89061 Gallina (RC); e-mail: gspampinato@unirc.it
3Via Busento 9, I-87036 Roges di Rende (CS); e-mail: hemeridianum@tiscali.it

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Flora and veqetation of the La Vota coastal lakes (C-W Calabria). The La Vota ponds, from Tyrrhenian shoreline of Calabria (Italy), are a very interesting biotope
for the occurrence of rare species and phytocoenosis. They are menaced by strong human pressure: tourists, farming and water pollution. To propose the preservation
for this area as a whole, data about the flora were produced with a special emphasis on their peculiarities. Furthermore, the vegeration has been analysed from
shore-line to retro-dunes and around the ponds, showing the distlibution of associations, dynamic and catenal relations between different kinds of coenoses. Ipomoea
, a critically endangered species in Italy, was found with several more, worthy of protection according to I.U.C.N. status. Therefore, steps should be
taken to preserve this area.


Calabria, coastal vegetation, flora, Italy, phytosociology, Tyrrhenian shoreline