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Fitosociologia numero 39 (2)

pag. 65-70: Une association nouvelle à Carex rupestris All. de la montagne de Rila

V. Roussakova

Institut de botanique de l'ASB, rue Acad. Georgi Bontchev, 23, Sofia - 1113, Bulgarie; e-mail: rusakova@iph.bio.bas.bg

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In the study a description 15 phytocoenosis where Carex rupestris is a dominant species on siliceous substratum located on the summits Deno in the alpine belt of Rila mountain. Consequently Carex rupestris is not extinct species in the Bulgarian flora as some Bulgarian researchers maintain. One new association is differentiated - Pediculario-Caricetum rupestris.


Carex rupestris, Rila mountain, syntaxonomy, ecology