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Fitosociologia 39 (2) 2002

pag. 51-64: Le praterie a Festuca melanopsis delle Alpi sud-orientali

G. Buffa1, C. Lasen2, D. Mion1, G. Sburlino1 & J.-P. Theurillat3

1Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Campo Celestia 2737b, I-30122 Venezia; e-mail: buffag@unive.it
2Arson, Via Mutten 114, I-32030 Villabruna (Belluno)
3Centre Alpien de Phytogéographie, Fondation J.-M. Aubert, CH-1938 Champex-Lac

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Festuca melanopsis grasslands in the south-eastern Alps. The study regards the subalpine and alpine Festuca melanopsis - dominated grasslands of the south-eastern Alps. Festuca melanopsis, belonging to the F. violacea aggregate, occurs both in Elyno-Seslerietea (Caricion ferrugineae) and in Caricetea curvulae (Caricion curvulae, Fetucion variae, Agrostion schraderianae) communities, showing a rather wide ecological tolerance. However, in the studied area, this species shows its highest fidelity for Knautio-Trifolietum nivalis which geographically vicariates Trifolio thalii-Festucetum nigricantis of the central-northern Alps. A complete syntaxonomical scheme is given.


Alpine grasslands, south-eastern Alps, syntaxonomy