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Fitosociologia numero 39 (2)

pag. 25-30: The coastal sandy therophytic communities (Linarion pedunculatae) in Iberian Peninsula and Northern Africa (Morocco and Algeria)

B. Diez-Garretas & A. Asensi

Departamento de Biologia Vegetal (Botanica), Facultad de Ciecias, Universidad de Malaga, Aptdo. 59, 29080 Malaga, Espana; e-mail: bdgarretas@uma.es; asensi@uma.es

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Therophytic plant communities that develop on western and southern coastal sands of rhe Iberian Peninsula and Norrhern Africa (Morocco and Algeria) have been studied. A syntaxonomical revision and chorology of the Linarion pedunculatae was made using the Braun-Blanquet methodology and miultivariate analysis (Correspondence Analysis). A new association (Loto arenarii-Linarietum arenicolae) is described for the Atlantic coast of Morocco.


Cutandietalia maritimae, dunes, Northern Africa, Phytosociology