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Plant Sociology numero 54 (1) S1

pag. 97-102: Mimicking natural processes on urban dunes

J. Lascurain

Consultora SGM sl, Roger de Llúria, 118-6é -08037 Barcelona, Spain.

doi: 10.7338/pls2017541S1/12

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Dunes are not only shelters for threatened biodiversity and beautiful landscapes, but an important part of the global sand budget of beaches. Coastal dunes thus constitute a nature-based solution to sea level risk. This is even more important in an urban context where coastal regression leads to coastal squeeze (Pontee, 2013). There is also a need to preserve the dynamic component of dune ecosystems in order to avoid biodiversity loss (Heslenfeld et al., 2004) and maintain sustained dune volume growth. In urban landscapes the natural processes of dune creation are impaired, and ruderal and invasive plants exercise higher pressure on the system. This paper discusses different experiences of dune construction and management on the metropolitan beaches of Barcelona, and proposes new strategies to transform the management of urban dunes into a core component of a global beach management strategy to create resilient beaches.


Ammophila arenaria decay, ecosystem services, nature based solution, sea level rise, urban dunes