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Plant Sociology 54 (1) 2017

pag. 137-144: New contributions to the class Charybdido pancratii-Asphodeletea ramosi Biondi 2016

E. Biondi, S. Pesaresi, R. Gasparri, N. Biscotti, G. del Viscio, D. Bonsanto & S. Casavecchia

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (D3A), Marche Politechnic University - I-60131 Ancona, Italy

doi: 10.7338/pls2017541/07 

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This article deals with new contributions to the class Charybdido pancratii-Asphodeletea ramosi, which was recently described in the classification of the edge vegetation of the Mediterranean area. The most important aspect is the description of the new order Bellido sylvestris-Arisaretalia vulgaris, which increases the importance of the class, as it includes sciaphilous and semi-sciaphilous edge communities. In terms of its ecology, this new order contrasts with the previously described order Asphodeletalia ramosi, which instead includes heliophilous edge communities. Four alliances belong to this new order: Cyclamino hederifolii-Arisarion vulgaris, which is the typus of the order for the eastern Mediterranean and Illyrian area; Cyclamino hederifolii-Ranunculion bullati all. nova, which also occurs in the eastern Mediterranean area; Leontodonto tuberosi-Bellidion sylvestris, which has already been described for Sardinia, and also occurs in all the Tyrrhenian area down to Sicily; and Ranunculion bullati, which was previously described for the Baetica Province of Spain, and probably occurs in other areas of the Iberian territory; in a biogeographical sense, this last thus replaces the eastern European alliance Cyclamino hederifolii-Ranunculion bullati. Moreover, six associations belong to the new order: Cyclamino hederifolii-Arisaretum vulgaris ass. nova; Drymochloo exaltatae-Cyclaminetum hederifolii ass. nova; Allio chamaemoly-Ranunculetum bullati ass. nova; Cyclamino hederifolii-Ranunculetum bullati ass. nova; Scillo obtusifoliae-Bellidetum sylvestris; and Scillo autumnalis-Bellidetum sylvestris. For the last of these associations, the new subassociation arisaretosum vulgaris is here described. The association Scillo autumnalis-Ranunculetum bullati that occurs in the Baetica Province completes the present review. Finally, the new association Euphorbio characiae-Thapsietum garganicae and the new subssociation festucetosum circummediterraneae are described, which are part of the order Asphodeletalia ramosi. The syntaxonomic scheme that includes all of the communities described within the class, and the synoptic table of all of the syntaxa that are part of the same class, complete the article.


Asphodeletalia ramosi, Bellido sylvestris-Arisaretalia vulgaris, bioclimate, biogeography, dynamic process, edge community, Mediterranean area.