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Fitosociologia 44 (1) S1 2007

pag. 5-12: Il secondo aggiornamento della Lista sintassonomica italiana (2000-2004)

F. Bracco1, E. Panfili2, G. Sburlino3 & R. Venanzoni2

1 Dipartimento di Ecologia del Territorio, Università degli Studi, Via S. Epifanio 14 I-27100 Pavia
2 Dipartimento di Biologia vegetale e Biotecnologie Agroambientali, Università degli Studi di Perugia, Borgo XX Giugno 74, I-06100 Perugia
3 Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Università "Cà Foscari" di Venezia, Campo Celestia 2737b, I-30122 Venezia

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The second upgrade of the bibliographic and of the syntaxonomical data banks of the Italian National Project LISY, sponsored by the Italian Association for Vegetation Science (formerly Società Italiana di Fitosociologia), is presented here. Project LISY is aimed to the constitution of a database including al1 the quotations of syntaxa found in Italy. In this paper the structnres of both data banks are described as well as the coding criteria and the methodes used to catalogue bibliographical and syntaxonomical data.
The new records are based on the analysis of phytosociological papers published from 2000 to 2004. Afew older papers have been also taken into account which have not been catalogued in the previous phases of LISY Project.
491 new bibliographical records and 9107 new syntaxonomical records have been added to existing data banks so that the entire bibliographical list covering years 1909-2004 is now made up of 3307 records and the whole syntaxonomical list includes 32455 records.
A national list of the new bibliographical records (2000-2004) and 21 regional lists including the new syntaxonomical records are published furtherin this issue. The whole data banks will be available for download and searcbes in a dedicated web page.


syntaxa, syntaxonomy, phytosociology, Italy