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Fitosociologia 41 (2) 2004

pag. 21-30: The forest-edge vegetation of the alliance Trifolion medii Müller 1962 in the Northern Apennines (Italy)

I. Vagge1  & E. Biondi2

1 Dipartimento di Produzione Vegetale, Università degli studi di Milano, Via Celoria 2, I-20131 Milano; e-mail: ilda.vagge@unimi.it

2 Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali e Produzioni vegetali, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Via Brecce Bianche, I- 60131, Ancona; e-mail: e.biondi@univpm.it 

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We present here a study carried out on the forest-edge vegetation of the Northern Apennines that form a part of the alliance Trifolion medii, of the class Trifolio medii-Geranietea sanguinei. Three new associations are described: Phyteumo scorzonerifoliae-Teucrietum scorodoniae, Gentiano asclepiadeae-Geranietum nodosi and Digitalidi luteae-Geranietum nodosi. The first association is found on the Tyrrhenian slopes of the Liguria and Tuscany-Emilia Apennines, which are characterised by a temperate bioclimate. The typical example of the association is represented by the new subassociation phyteumatosum scorzonerifoliae, which is found at altitudes below 700 m at the edges of chestnut and bay oak woods of the Physopermo-Quercetum petraeae association, while the subassociation violetosum rivinianae develops at the edges of acidophilous beech woods of the Luzulo pedemontanae-Fagetum association, and of chestnut woods of the Tuscany Apennines. The association Gentiano asclepiadeae-Geranietum nodosi is found on the Padana slopes of the Liguria and Tuscany-Emilia Apennines at around 1000 m in altitude on arenaceous clay and flysch-like substrata mainly exposed to the north, at the edges of beech woods of the Cardamino heptaphyllae-Fagetum (= Trochiscantho-Fagetum) association. The association Digitalidi luteae-Geranietum nodosi is found on the Padana slopes of the Liguria Apennines at altitudes less than 1000 m, and on the Tyrrhenian slopes of the Tuscany Apennines, on arenaceous and marl-arenaceous substrata. The association develops in contact with turkey oak, chestnut and hornbeam woods that are less acidophilous and more heliophilous and thermophilous with respect to those that come into contact with the edge vegetation of the preceding association. 


Italy, Northern Apennines, phytosociology, Trifolio medii, Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei, vegetation edges