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Fitosociologia numero 40 (1)

pag. 5-22: La Classe Asplenietea trichomanis in Calabria (Italia meridionale)

S. Brullo1 & G. Spampinato2

1Dipartimento di Botanica, via A. Longo 19, I-95125, Catania; e-mail: brullo@mbox.dipbot.unict.it

2Dipartimento S.T.A.F.A., p.zza San Francesco 4, I 89061, Gallina, Reggio Calabria; e-mail: gspampinato@unirc.it

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The class Asplenietea trichomanis in Calabria (S Italy). On the basis of literature and unpublished data, a syntaxonomical revision of the class Asplenietea trichomanis in Calabria is given. The examined syntaxa are treated from the floristic, structural, ecological and chorological point of view, and in the critical case from the nomenclatural one too.


Asplenietea trichomanis, Calabria, chasmophilous vegetation, syntaxonomy