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Plant Sociology 53 (2) 2016

pag. 19-40: The microgeosimetum of the Colli Berici Oligocene barrier-reef (NE-Italy)

S. Tasinazzo

Via Gioberti, 6, I-36100 Vicenza, Italy

doi: 10.7338/pls2016532/02

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Communities inhabiting different microhabitat of limestone cliffs outcropping in the Colli Berici (NE-Italy) were studied with a phytosociological approach. This rock face system is original both from a geological point of view – being a Venetian Oligocene facies occurring only in this area – and as regards floristic emergencies and plant communities. Biogeographic and bioclimatic factors give the Oligocene barrier-reef unique traits determining the existence of peculiar and often endemic coenoses. Hence, some new associations are described: Junco bufonii-Polypogonetum monspeliensis, Campanulo carnicae-Athamantetum turbith, Parietario judaicae-Stellarietum pallidae, Celtido australis-Fraxinetum orni. With regard to the coenose characterised by the stenoendemic Saxifraga berica, it had been necessary to describe the new association Saxifragetum bericae in place of the precedently published Adianto-Saxifragetum bericae which has to be rejected as a nomen dubium.


Colli Berici, microgeosigmetum, northeastern Italy, phytosociology, rock face vegetation