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Fitosociologia 45 (1) 2008

pag. 29-37: Iso-orogeosigmeta e iso-orogeoserie nella dorsale calcarea del Monte San Vicino (Appennino centrale)

M. Allegrezza1, E. Biondi1 & M. Mentoni2

1Dip.to Scienze Ambientali e Produzioni Vegetali, Università Politecnica delle Marche, I-60131 Ancona; e-mail: m.allegrezza@univpm.it

2Geologo, libero professionista, Cerreto d’Esi (AN)

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Iso-orogeosigmeta and iso-orogeoserie in the calcareous ridge of Mount San Vicino (central Apennine). An integrated detailed geobotanical and geological study is here presented in order to put in evidence the strict tie between vegetation series and detailed lithologies belonging to the umbrian-marche sequence, that appear in different bioclimatic belts, in a limited territory, characterized by a well defined geological history. With this aim, the M. San Vicino’s Marche ridge has been taken into consideration, that a recent published study indicated as a representative example of central Apennine phytocoenotic and sinphytocenotic diversity. The lithological formations that appear to the nucleus of the macro-anticlinalica structure, from the lower mesotemperate to the lower supratemperate belt have been investigated.These formations are represented, from the most ancient to the most recent term, by Calcare Massiccio, Calcari diasprini umbro-marchigiani and Maiolica, each one having mineralogical and lithological characteristics, qualified for specific vegetation series and geosigmeta.
The results obtained through the present study allowed to individuate the geosigmeta of each lithological formation developing on three different bioclimatic belts. The relativity affinity between the geosigmeta of the Calcare Massiccio formation and those of the Maiolica (even if there are differences in the stages of the relative sigmeta) and the substantial difference between these and the geosigmeta of the Calcari diasprini u-m formation has been recognized.
Regarding the individuation of the oro-geoserie, even if  tectonic and erosion have often caused the altitudinal discontinuity within the same formation, it is possible to individuate (also with the same exposition) the iso-orogeoserie, corresponding to the three considered belts, on the formation of the Maiolica that represents the most diffused and representative formation of the ridge.


biodiversity, geosigmeta, lithology, sigmeta, oro-geoserie, Umbria-Marche sequence