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Fitosociologia 45 (1) 2008

pag. 23-28: Pedogenesi e paesaggio vegetale: il ruolo dell’esposizione

A. Agnelli, M. Allegrezza, E. Biondi, S. Cocco, G. Corti & F. Pirchio

Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali e delle Produzioni Vegetali, Facoltà di Agraria, Via Brecce Bianche, I-60131 Ancona

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Pedogenesis and vegetal landscape: the role of the exposure. This work deals with the influence of the exposure on soil evolution and on vegetal landscape. The study has been conducted within the hydrographic basin of the Selva di Gallignano (Ancona, Italy), where the bioclimate is temperate oceanic submediterranean variant and the vegetal landscape is typically submediterranean and representative of the variability phytocenotic and sinphytocenotic biodiversity of the Ancona hilly district. Within the study area, physical and chemical properties of three soils with the same pedogenetic characteristics and different exposure (nord, sud-ovest, sud) were determined. Further, a previous phytosociological analysis had revealed distinct forest types in each site. The obtained data suggested that, under the same conditions, the exposure is one of the main factor affecting the soil development and, hence, the phytocenotic biodiversity. The study showed that the vegetal association evaluated by a detailed phytosociological survey can be considered a valid tool to assess environmental variation in areas characterised by high biodiversity.


exposure, pedogenesis, vegetation, phytosociology, vegetation series, vegetal landscape