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Plant Sociology numero 52 (2)

pag. 57-68: A contribution to the knowledge of the Moroccan forest ecosystems: association of Quercetum rotundifolio-suberis ass. nova in the Central Plateau of Morocco

A. Chkhichekh1, A. El Aboudi1, A. Aafi2, N. Wahid3, A. Benabid4

1Laboratoire de botanique, mycologie et environnement, Faculté des Sciences de Rabat-Agdal, BP 1014 RP, Maroc.

2Centre de Recherche Forestière, BP 763, Agdal-Rabat, Maroc.

3Département de sciences de la vie, Faculté des sciences et techniques, Université Sultane Moulay Slimane, Beni-Mellal, Maroc.

4École Nationale Forestière d’Ingénieurs, Salé. Assanabile, Villa n°10, Route de Mehdya, BP 11160, Salé – Maroc.

doi: 10.7338/pls2015522/02

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This work results as an in-depth study of mixed cork-oak, by the necessity to profound the knowledge of Moroccan forest ecosystems, particularly in the Central Plateau. Accordingly, we describe a new association of the cork-oak forest subhumid, thermomediterranean and mesomediterranean, named Quercetum rotundifolio-suberis ass. nova and two new subassociations consecutively named Quercetum rotundifolio-suberis chamaeropetosum humilis subass. nova and Quercetum rotundifolio-suberis cistetosum libanotidis subass. nova. Their floristic and ecologic particularities are exposed.


BEIS of El Harcha, Central Plateau, cork-oak woodlands, Morocco, phytosociology