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Plant Sociology 51(2) 2014

pag. 83-116: The dolina system vegetation of the northern glacio-karst sector of the Asiago Plateau (Venetian Prealps – NE Italy)

L. Giovagnoli1 & S. Tasinazzo2

1Via Orione 14, I-36055, Nove (VI), Italy.

2Via Gioberti 6, I-36100, Vicenza, Italy.

doi: 10.7338/pls2014512/06 

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The paper describes the glacio-karst basin and dolina vegetation of the subcontinental enclave in the northern sector of the Asiago Plateau (south-eastern Prealps). Eleven associations were recognized in the lowest parts of dolina systems where the snow melting is delayed and exclusively chamaephytic/hemicryptophytic coenoses develop. They belong to Arabidion caeruleae, Caricion ferrugineae, Loiseleurio-Vaccinion, Nardion strictae, Oxytropido-Elynion, Seslerion variae and Soldanello alpinae-Salicion retusae alliances. Two new coenoses are described: Salicetum reticulato-breviserratae and Salici reticulatae-Caricetum rupestris. Some new geographical variants are proposed too. The high phytogeographic value of this calcareous prealpine plateau characterized by relict tundra vegetation surviving the more thermophilous phases that followed the Last Glacial Maximum is proved.


Asiago Plateau, Carici rupestris-Kobresietea bellardii, Elyno-Seslerietea, glacio-karst system, Juncetea trifidi, Loiseleurio-Vaccinietea, south-eastern Prealps, Thlaspietea rotundifolii