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Fitosociologia 44 (1) 2007

pag. 111-116: La protezione dell’ecosistema dunale a Focene (Litorale romano)

F. Converio, G. Fanelli & M.G. Villani

WWF Lazio, Via Allegri 1, I-00198 Roma; e-mail: mg.villani@mclink.it

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Conservation of dune ecosistem in Focene (Roman coast). In 2001 WWF begun an intervention of dune restoration and protection in the area of Focene (in the coast SW of Rome), funded by the local authorities (Comune di Fiumicino). The area of Focene hosts a rich dunal flora, but the environmental situation is quite different from that of similar projects in other areas: 1) the area is strongly urbanized; 2) there is a severe erosional process, a problem that is becoming of general concern all around the Mediterranean with rising sea levels following global climate change; 3) the morphology of the dune shows a series of low dune ridges and scarce prescence of Ammophila littoralis, that exists only back in the dune system in low sites. The restoration focussed on planting species resistant  such as Otanthus maritimus and Pancratium maritimum, cultivated in an appositely projected garden, discarding Ammophila littoralis, that develops poorly in this situation, reduction of trampling with fencing, and reconstruction of dune geomorphology. In general, dune restoration project should take into account local condition with detailed studies of the potential situation, and should emphasize facilitation of the regeneration of the dune system with a “soft” approach.


Agropiretum, dune restoration, erosion, Tiber