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Plant Sociology 51 (1) 2014

pag. 89-136: Phytosociological study of the eastern slopes of Alpe della Luna (northern Apennines, Italy)

S. Casavecchia, L. Paradisi, S. Pesaresi & E. Biondi

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, Marche Polytechnic University, Via Brecce Bianche, 60131 Ancona, Italy

doi: 10.7338/pls2014511/06

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The vegetation is presented here for the eastern, Adriatic, slopes of the Alpe della Luna mountain chain of the northern Apennines. For the lithological aspects, the mountain shows relative homogeny, as represented by the marly-arenaceous formation of the Umbro-Marche-Romagna series, along with the slope debris. The bioclimate of the area shows a temperate macrobioclimate, an oceanic temperate bioclimate, and a lower supratemperate
thermotype, with a lower humid ombrotype. On the basis of the present study, the flora of the area is represented by 757 plant entities that belong to 86 families and 387 genera. These data are known not to be completely exhaustive of the local floristic biodiversity, although they represent an important in-depth analysis. This study of the woodland vegetation has revealed also for this area the association Cardamino heptaphyllae-Fagetum,
with two new subassociations: quercetosum cerris and abietetosum albae. Furthermore, the following new woodland associations are proposed here: Veronico officinalis-Quercetum cerridis ass. nova; Cardamino heptaphyllae-Aceretum pseudoplatani ass. nova, with the subassociations cardaminetosum heptaphyllae subass. nova and aceretosum obtusati subass. nova; and Sileno dioicae-Ostryetum carpinifoliae. For the grasslands, these show
two typologies that are included in two newly described subassociations of well known communities: lathyretosum pratensis subass. nova, included in Centaureo bracteatae-Brometum erecti; and seslerietosum apenninae subass. nova, of Asperulo purpureae-Brometum erecti.


Alpe della Luna, Directive 92/43/CEE, geobotany, map of habitats, northern Apennines, phytosociology, phytosociological map, plant landscape map