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Fitosociologia 44 (1) 2007

pag. 83-93: Riqualificazione di habitat costieri nel SIC e ZPS “Ortazzo, Ortazzino, foce del Torrente Bevano”: interventi per una fruizione sostenibile

M. Costa1, P. Molducci2 & P. Rigoni3

1Provincia di Ravenna, Piazza Caduti per la Libertà 2/4, I-48100 Ravenna; e-mail: mcosta@mail.provincia.ra.it

2Studio Verde Associazione Professionale, Via Schio 47/49, I-47100 Forlì; e-mail: p.molducci@studio-verde.it

3Studio Associato Silva, Via Mazzini 9/2, I-40137 Bologna; e-mail: paolo.rigoni@studiosilva.it


The project suggested the valorization and the protection of the natural environment succession from the sea to the inland, and the promotion of a kind of touristic use founded on the environmental education, the ecological didactics, the scientific, naturalistic and cultural knowledge of the places and on the correct man-environment relationship. The previewed actions have been the following:
- The restoration of the inner hydraulic circulation for the optimization of the hydraulic management of the Ortazzo swamp.
- The realization of several backs inside of the Ortazzo swamp for the breeding of Laridae and Sternidae.
- The reorder and the regulation of the pedestrian accesses to the beach.
- The restoration of the dunes by sandy landfill and its consolidation with herbaceous species.
- The building of an observation tower close to the confluence between Fosso Ghiaia and Bevano.
- The realization of pedestrian and biking tracks, inside of the Pineta Demaniale Sez. Savio.
- The predisposition of studies and researches such as: elaboration of a vegetation map and a model of hydraulic management of the Ortazzo swamp; wood fires management plan; sustainable touristic use plan.


environmental restoration, sandy vegetation, sustainable use