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Fitosociologia 44 (1) 2007

pag. 67-76: Comunità vegetali rare e minacciate delle stazioni ravennati del Parco del Delta del Po (Regione Emilia-Romagna)

N. Merloni1 & F. Piccoli2

1Piazza A.Costa 15, I-48015 Cervia (RA); e-mail: nmerloni@global-italy.net

2Dipartimento di Biologia ed Evoluzione, Università di Ferrara, Corso Ercole I d’Este 32, I-44100 Ferrara; e-mail: pcf@unife.it

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Rare and threatened plant communities of the Ravenna province sites of the Park of the Po Delta (Emilia-Romagna Region). We present here an outline of the most threatened plant communities of the coastal territory of the Ravenna province, for the most part included in the Regional Park of the Po Delta (Emilia-Romagna Region). It concerns a complex landscape related to the particular geographical situation, instability, changes in the territory and human activities. This varied territory includes sand dunes, saltmarsh ponds, freshwater ponds, grey dunes and related dune slacks. The vegetation types we consider particularly rare or in critical condition are marked with an asterisk in the final syntaxonomical scheme.


littoral vegetation, ravenna province, regional park of the po delta, threatened plant communities