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Plant Sociology numero 50 (1)

pag. 17-21: The Prodrome of French vegetation: a national synsystem for phytosociological knowledge and management issues

F. Bioret1, V. Gaudillat2 & J.-M. Royer3
1EA 2219 Géoarchitecture, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France.
2Service du patrimoine naturel, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, France.
3Société française de phytosociologie, 42 bis rue Mareschal, 52000 Chaumont, France.

doi: 10.7338/pls2013501/02

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The Prodrome of French vegetation is presented from its beginnings in 1996 to the publication in 2004 of the first version of the national synsystem detailed up to the level of suballiance (PVF1). Work began in 2006 to produce a second edition, called PVF2, which aims to describe 74 of the 76 classes recorded in mainland France and Corsica, up to the level of association and subassociation. So far, 15 classes have been published, 5 classes are ready for publication and 60 classes are under preparation. The PVF2 should be finished in 2015.


Prodrome of French vegetation, France, phytosociology