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Fitosociologia numero 44 (1)

pag. 49-58: Qualità e grado di conservazione del paesaggio vegetale del litorale sabbioso del Veneto (Italia settentrionale)

G. Buffa1, L. Filesi2, U. Gamper1 & G. Sburlino1

1Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Università degli Studi di Venezia, Campo Celestia 2737/b, I – 30122 Venezia; e-mail: buffag@unive.it

2Dipartimento di Pianificazione, Università IUAV di Venezia, Santa Croce 1957, I – 30135 Venezia

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Quality and conservation status of the vegetational landscape in the sandy coastal areas of the Veneto Region (Northern Italy). The North-Adriatic sandy coastal system plays a very important role for nature and biodiversity conservation in the whole Mediterranean basin, because of its particular geomorphologic, climatic and phytogeographic features. One of the most important traits is the richness of endemites, together with Mediterranean, dealpine and eastern species, in a system where a specialized but widely distributed flora generally occurs. However, the most remarkable characteristic is the large number of plant communities and their seral and successional contacts; these features, along with the high biogeographic value of communities, enhance the interest for the conservation of this area. We evaluated quality and conservation status of the vegetational landscape taking into account criteria concerning both communities and their species composition. We also considered the abundance of ruderal and alien species within the flora of each plant community, as an indirect measure of conservation status. At the landscape level, we took into account on one hand, the presence of the different communities, and on the other one the coherence of the seral and successional contacts.


conservation, quality of vegetational landscape, North-Adriatic coastal dunes