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Plant Sociology numero 49 (2)

pag. 97-99: The project VegFrance: towards a national vegetation database for France

A. Bonis & J.-B. Bouzillé

UMR EcoBio, CNRS-Université Rennes I, UEB-OSU Rennes, Campus Beaulieu, FR-35042 Rennes Cedex, France

doi: 10.7338/pls2012492/08

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The project VegFrance is presently designed in order to elaborate a national vegetation database covering all vegetation types and regions. Launched in January 2012, this project is commonly led by Research Institutions as National Center for Scientific Research (UMS3468, BBEES & UMR 6553 ECOBIO), the Museum National Histoire Naturelle (Service du Patrimoine naturel), Fédération Conservatoires Botaniques Nationaux, the French association for Phytosociology and the Ministry of Ecology. The projected database will integrate three main types of dataset: syntaxa reflecting the national classification, relevés describing the vegetation at the landscape level (i.e. synphytosociological relevés) and analytical relevés or any plots which properly describe vegetation. This project is developed in strong connection with the European Vegetation Survey and with the national project for producing a vegetation map (CarHab).


database, national vegetation classification, vegetation survey