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Plant Sociology numero 49 (2)

pag. 29-48: The vegetation of the upper and middle River Tiber (Central Italy)

L. Lastrucci, F. Landucci, V. Gonnelli, R. Barocco, B. Foggi & R. Venanzoni

1Department of Evolutionary Biology, University of Florence, Via La Pira 4, 50121 Florence (Italy)
2Department of Applied Biology, University of Perugia, Borgo XX Giugno 74, 06121 Perugia (Italy)
3Istituto Professionale di Stato per l’Agricoltura e l’Ambiente “A.M. Camaiti”, Loc. Belvedere, 52036 Pieve S. Stefano
(Arezzo, Italy)

doi: 10.7338/pls2012492/02

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The vegetation of the upper and middle course of the River Tiber (Tuscany and Umbria, Central Italy) was studied according to the phytosociological method. 39 different associations/communities included in 10 classes were identified, one new aquatic association and two new subassociations characterized by the occurrence of Potamogeton schweinfurthii were described. Some coenoses, dominated by species of scientific and conservation interest such as Typha minima, Schoenoplectus pungens, Carex elata, Juncus subnodulosus or Isolepis cernua were recognized. Despite the human pressures and the presence of some alien species, several Habitats in the study area are considered important for nature conservation by the European Directive 92/43/EEC or by the Regional Legislation.


Aquatic vegetation, Hygrophilous vegetation, Phytosociology, Riparian vegetation, Wetland, River system