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Fitosociologia numero 44 (1)

pag. 3-10: Thoughts on the ecology and syntaxonomy of some vegetation typologies of the Mediterranean coast

E. Biondi

Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali e delle Produzioni Vegetali, Università Politecnica delle Marche, via Brecce bianche, I-60131 Ancona; e-mail:e.biondi@univpm.it

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We here present and discuss some considerations around the syntaxonomic collocation of the vegetation that has developed along both the sandy and rocky coasts of the Mediterranean. In particular, for the sandy coasts, after a consideration of the general distribution of the various vegetation typologies of the dune systems, there is an analysis of the ecological and syntaxonomic aspects of the chamaephitic vegetation of the alliance Crucianellion maritimae. This concludes that this alliance cannot be attributed to the class Ammophiletea, as has been recently proposed in the introduction to the vegetation of Spain and Portugal, but to the class Helichryso-Crucianelletea maritimae. For the vegetation of the rocky cliffs, after the presentation of its distribution according to a general scheme, the aspects of the rupicolous halotolerant vegetation that are proposed to be included in the new order Senecetalia cinereae, for which the type is the alliance Anthyllidion barbae-jovis, will be discussed in detail. The other aspects of the rocky vegetation that are discussed are those regarding the primary and subprimary garrigue of the summit sectors of the coast of the order Helichrysetalia italici, within which the creation of a new alliance Helichrysion litorei is proposed, which includes the garrigue of southern Italy.


crucianellion maritimae, phytosociology, helichrysion litorei, mediterranean, senecetalia cinereae, coastal vegetation