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Fitosociologia numero 44 (2)

pag. 119-128: Trasformazione delle zone costiere della Regione Calabria (Italia meridionale) e conseguenze sulla flora degli ambienti umidi*

Spampinato G., Crisafulli A. & Cameriere P.

Dipartimento S.T.A.F.A., Università “Mediterranea” di Reggio Calabria, Feo di Vito, I-89060 Reggio Calabria

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Transformation of the coastal zones of the Region Calabria (S Italy) and consequences on the flora of the damp environments. The analysis of historical maps and ancient flora has allowed to emphasize the alteration that have interested the coastal damp areas in the last two century and the effects on the regional flora. Three different species contingent have been underlined: in rarefaction, disappeared, not observe in precedence; they have been connected to the changes suffered from the damp coastlines areas.


calabria, coastal damp areas, flora, historical cartography