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Fitosociologia 48 (2) S1 2011

pag. 83-92: Incorporating vegetation analysis into ecological characterization of landscapes: the Turkish case

K. T. Yilmaz

University of Çukurova, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Landscape Architecture, Adana/ Turkey e-mail: tuluhan@cu.edu.tr

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This paper mainly focuses on the integration of vegetation analysis for characterization and conservation assessment of landscapes. The role of vegetation science, in particular habitat classification, for landscape conservation and spatial planning are discussed. Phytosociological evaluation as a tool for indicating level of naturalness of landscape character areas, are considered to be essential. Within this scope CORINE Land Cover and CORINE Biotope classifications are subjected. Recent studies performed along the landscapes of the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, were reviewed. In conclusion, the function of vegetation analysis-oriented landscape characterization in landscape planning framework was highlighted.


Vegetation analysis, landscape characterization, CORINE biotope manual, naturalness, hemeroby