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Fitosociologia numero 47 (1)

pag. 63-65: A web application to represent spatial distribution of habitats (Annex 1, Directive 92/43/EEC)

S. Pesaresi, E. Biondi

Department of Environmental and Crop Sciences, Marche Polytechnic University, Via Brecce Bianche - I 60131 Ancona, Italy.

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A web application (www.ortobotanico.univpm.it/habitat) is presented that is easy to use for a wide audience, and which allows graphics processing of data in the standard form of the Natura 2000 sites, available in the database of the Ministry for the Environment, Land Protection and the Sea. This application allows mapping of the distribution of habitats of the Natura 2000 network in Italy, and their description using statistical centrographic analysis that highlights the centre and anisotropy of the distribution. This achieved according to the provisions of the recent Italian manual of habitat interpretation following Directive 92/43/EEC.


Web application, Natura 2000, habitat distribution, Google Maps, centrographic analysis