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Fitosociologia 40 (1) 2003

pag. 23-31: Syntaxonomy of the oak forests in the Pleven district (Danube plane in Bulgaria)

V. Rousakova1 & R. Tzonev2

1Institute of botany, Akad. Georgi Bontchev str., 23, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

2University of Sofia “Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Biology, Bulgaria

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In the papers are analyzed the releves of phytocoenoses of Quercus robur and Quercus cerris from the Middle Danubian plane. Two new associations are differentiated: mesophitic, Scutellario altissimae-Quercetum roboris, on lowland platforms with aluvial soils and xerotermic, Cotyno coggygriae-Quercetum cerris, on dry hills over chernozem soils. Hereby are considered their relationships with high syntaxa and their analogy with similar associations described in Serbia and in Romania.


new associations, oak forests, releves