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Fitosociologia numero 41 (1) S1

pag. 15-20: Alpha and Beta Diversity in Central European Beech Forests

W. Willner, D. Moser & G. Grabherr

Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology, University of Vienna, Althanstr. 14, A – 1090 Vienna, Austria; e-mail: wolfgang.willner@univie.ac.at

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Recently, the beech forests of southern Central Europe (including large parts of the Illyrian region) have been syntaxonomically revised, using a TURBOVEG database containing more than 5800 relevés, mainly from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. The same TURBOVEG database was used to calculate patterns of alpha and beta diversity within beech forests. A strong correlation between local species richness and soil pH was found. Beta diversity is related with area and the number of associations therein.


Diversity calculations, Fagus sylvatica, phytosociology, species pool hypothesis