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Fitosociologia 40 (2) 2003

pag. 3-27: Vegetation of the class Salicetea purpureae in Dolenjska (SE Slovenia)

U. Silc

Institute of Biology, Scientific research centre of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Novi trg 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia; e-mail: urban@zrc-sazu.si

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Riparian willow communities along the rivers Krka and Mirna are presented. The standard Central European phytocoenological method was used. Site conditions were described by measurements of the ground water table and maximum water capacity of the soil. In the researched area three associations and two communities were found. Into class Salicetea purpureae Moor 1958 we classify associations Salicetum incano-purpureae Sillinger 1933, Salicetum triandrae Malcuit ex Noirfalise in Lebrun et al. 1955, Salicetum albae Issler 1926, and basal communities Salix purpurea-[Salicetea purpureae] and Salix triandra-[Salicetea purpureae].


phytosociology, Salicetea purpureae, willow communities