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Fitosociologia 41 (1) S1 2004

pag. 143-154: Aplicación de análisis multivariables a los bosques ibéricos de Quercus pyrenaica

G. S. Entrocassi, R. G. Gavilán & D. Sánchez-Mata

Departamento de Biología Vegetal II, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Complutense, E-28040 Madrid; e-mail: rgavilan@farm.ucm.es

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A multivariate approach of the Iberian Quercus pyrenaica forests. A syntaxonomical review of the Iberian Peninsula Quercus pyrenaica forests was done by means of numerical methods. Due to the number of phytosociological relevés (521, more than 800 species) the original matrix was subdivided in four smaller matrices. Classifications (using van der Maarel index and Minimum Variance method) and ordinations (PcoA) were applied to those matrices. Results showed homogeneous groups from different points of view: floristic, biogeographical and bioclimatic that corresponded to some syntaxa already described. However, other groups more heterogeneous, from a geographical point of view, were also extracted. Their phytosociological interpretation was more difficult and furthermore studies will allow us to check our present interpretation.


clustering, multivariate analysis, Phytosociology, principal coordinate analysis, Spain