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Fitosociologia 41 (1) S1 2004

pag. 91-100: Análisis fitosociológico de los bosques de oyamel [Abies religiosa (H.B.K .) Cham. & Schlecht.] de la Sierra de Angangueo, Región Central de México

J. Giménez de Azcárate1 & M. I. Ramírez2

1Departamento de Botánica, Escuela Politécnica Superior, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, E- 27002 Lugo; email: bvjogiaz@usc.es

2Departamento de Geografía Física, Instituto de Geografía, UNAM, México DF., México

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Following phytosociological methodology (Braun-Blanquet approach) oyamel (Abies religiosa) forests, located at supratropical belt of the Angangueo range (Central Region of the Transversal Volcanic Sistem), are studied. The associations Sibthorpio repentis-Abietetum religiosae and Cleyero integrifoliae-Abietetum religiosae are characterized and floristicaly differenciated. From those associations a total of 30 releves are presented. Some aspects linked with their structure, composition, ecology and distribution are commented, and the comparations with other similar forest formations are established. Finally the effects of perturbations on these forests and on the landscape are analysed.


Abies religiosa, associations, México, oyamel forest, phytosociology, Sierra de Angangueo.