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Fitosociologia 41 (1) S1 2004

pag. 85-89: Patterns of plant diversity and endemicity in the vegetation of North-East Alicante (E Spain)

R. Pérez-Badia, I. Febrer-Peiró & F. Fernández-González

Facultad de Ciencias Ambientales, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Avda. Carlos III s/n., E- 45071 Toledo

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A study of the floristic and vegetational diversity in the North-East of Alicante (region of La Marina Alta, Eastern Spain) has been carried out. The catalogue of the vascular flora was analyzed according to species attributes related to life form and distribution ranges. The relevé data set was analyzed by clustering techniques to obtain floristically homogeneous habitat types and the corresponding character species with significant indicator values. The results of these analyses show the patterns of distribution among habitats of different plant species groups relevant for conservation purposes.


Iberian endemics, indicator value analysis, plant diversity