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Fitosociologia 41 (1) S1 2004

pag. 27-42: La vegetazione acquatica e palustre dell’Italia nord-orientale. 1 - La classe Lemnetea Tüxen ex O. Bolòs et Masclans 1955

G. Sburlino1, M. Tomasella2, G. Oriolo2 & L. Poldini2

1Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Campo Celestia 2737b, I-30122 Venezia; e-mail: sburlino@unive.it

2Dipartimento di Biologia, Università di Trieste, via L. Giorgieri 10, I-34127 Trieste; e-mail: oriolog@univ.trieste.it,poldini@univ.trieste.it

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Aquatic and marsh vegetation of the north-eastern Italy. 1 - The class Lemnetea Tüxen ex O. Bolòs et Masclans 1955. The pleustophytic vegetation belonging to Lemnetea in north-eastern Italy is described. Five associations and four plant communities have been identified, belonging to four alliances and two orders. Information about their floristic composition, syntaxonomy, synphysionomy, synecology and synchorology are given. Hydrogeological factors cause the presence of a greater number of syntaxa in the central-western sector of the investigated area.


Lemnetea, north-eastern Italy, pleustophytic vegetation