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Fitosociologia 42 (1) 2005

pag. 3-32: Meadows of the order Molinietalia caeruleae Koch 1926 in south-eastern Slovenia

I. Zelnik

Institute of Biology, Scientific Research Centre of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Novi trg 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia; e-mail: izelnik@zrc-sazu.si

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Vegetation and ecology of wet meadows of south-eastern Slovenia were studied in this work. The soil water-level was measured and representative soil samples from specific associations were analysed. Those stands were classified into seven associations. After the comparisons with relevés of other authors, on the base of distinct group of relevés a new association was described. Associations Gentiano pneumonanthes-Molinietum litoralis Ilijanic 1968 and Junco conglomerati-Betonicetum officinalis ass. nova were classified into alliance Molinion. Associations Angelico-Cirsietum oleracei Tüxen 1937, Scirpetum sylvatici Ralski 1931, Dactylorhizae-Scirpetum georgiani Zelnik 2004, Agrostio-Juncetum conglomerati Segulja 1974 were classified into alliance Calthion and suballiance Calthenion. Association Succisello-Deschampsietum cespitosae (Horvatic 1930) Ellmauer & Mucina 1993 was classified into alliance Deschampsion.


ecology, Molinietalia, Slovenia, vegetation, wet meadows