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Fitosociologia 42 (2) 2005

pag. 15-21: Le comunità a Carex elata All. della torbiera di Vanzone (Piemonte, Vercelli)

M. Lonati & S. Lonati

Via Garibaldi 18, I – 13017 Quarona (VC); e-mail: michele.lonati@unito.it

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The authors report on the results of a phytosociological study carried out on a marshy habitat located in Valsesia (Piedmont, Vercelli). The dominant vegetation is referred to the Caricetum elatae Koch 1926. The natural dynamic processes and the invasion by wood plants (Alnetea glutinosae Br.-Bl. et Tüxen ex Westhoff, Dijk et Passchier 1946 e Querco-Fagetea Br.-Bl. et Vlieger in Vlieger 1928) resulted in a quality impoverishment of the floristic composition. The Carex elata community is linked by natural dynamic processes to other communities, referred to the Carici elatae-Alnetum glutinosae Franz 1990 and Scirpetum sylvatici Ralski 1931. Caricetum elatae association (relict vegetation in the Po plain) is the naturalistic peculiarity of the studied area. Some interesting species, endangered in Italy (Utricularia australis) or locally rare (Salix cinerea, Sparganium emersum, etc.) were founded.


Caricetum elatae, natural dynamic processes, phytosociological anlaysis, rare species, wethlands vegetation