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Fitosociologia 46 (1) 2009

pag. 3-10: Signification phytosociologique de Brassica oleracea ssp. oleracea sur les falaises atlantiques européennes

J.-M. Géhu

16 rue de L’Eglise, F-80860 Nouvion en Ponthieu, France

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Phytosociological significance of the Brassica oleracea ssp. oleracea on the European Atlantic cliffs. The article in the first part describes two cliff’s associations of Brassica oleracea on the Channel shores: Sileno maritimae-Brassicetum oleraceae on the Dorset coast (England) and Picrido hieracioïdis-Brassicetum oleraceae on the Picardy-Normandy cliffs (France). The second part of the article analyzes the literature data that show that on the European Atlantic coasts Brassica oleracea sub. oleracea is a plant much more linked as Asplenium marinun at Crithmo-Armerietalia Géhu 1964 then to Parietarietalia Rivas-Martinez in Rivas-Goday 1964. There are many transgressive species on the calcareous grasslands of Brometalia erectis that differentiate a new sub-alliance, the “Festuco pruinosae-Brassicenion oleraceae“ within the aeroaline alliance of Crithmo-Armerion maritimae Géhu 1968.


Brassica oleracea, Atlantic cliffs, aeroalina vegetation.