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Fitosociologia 43 (2) 2006

pag. 3-20: Sintassonomia e nomenclatura delle comunità forestali a Pinus cembra L. delle Alpi italiane

G. Sburlino1, C. Lasen2, G. Buffa1 & U. Gamper1

1Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Università Ca’ Foscari, Campo Celestia 2737b, I-30122 Venezia; e-mail sburlino@unive.it

2Via Mutten 27, I-32030 Arson di Feltre (BL)

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Syntaxonomy and nomenclature of the Pinus cembra L. woods of the Italian Alps. On the basis of data both newand coming from the literature, the Pinus cembra wood communities of the Italian Alps were studied from the syntaxonomical point of view. The floristic-sociological analysis pointed out the existence of three associations. The mesophylous pine-woods of the acidic parent materials were ascribed to Larici-Pinetum cembrae (Pallmann et Haffter 1933) Ellenberg 1963; the subassociation Larici-Pinetum cembrae calamagrostietosum (Richard 1968) Theurillat 1992, an altitudinal Picea excelsa variant and a geographic Festuca flavescens variant were also recognized. The Pinus cembra woods of the carbonate, mainly dolomitic, parent materials were referred to Pinetum cembrae Bojko 1931 with the two new subassociations Pinetum cembrae typicum and Pinetum cembrae luzuletosum sieberi. Waiting for further phytosociological data, the thermo-xerophylous and acidophylous stone pine-woods were provisionally ascribed to Cotoneastro integerrimae-Pinetum cembrae Béguin et Theurillat 1982. The comparison of the phytosociological tables coming from the Italian Alps with the ones of other Alpine areas of France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria confirmed the syntaxonomic interpretation. Nomenclatural aspects were also taken into consideration.


Alps, comparisons, Italy, nomenclature, Pinus cembra woods, syntaxonomy