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Fitosociologia numero 46 (2)

pag. 49-66: The vegetation of the river bed and the first alluvial terraces of the River Trigno (Abruzzo- Molise)

G. Pirone¹, G. Ciaschetti & A. R. Frattaroli

¹Department of Environmental Sciences, University of L’Aquila, Via Vetoio, Località Coppito, I-67100 L’Aquila; e-mail: gianfranco.pirone@univaq.it

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We here present a study of the vegetation of the alluvial deposits of the River Trigno that runs between the regions of Abruzzo and Molise, Italy, the morphology of which resembles that of the seasonal, gravel-bed “fiumare”, or river, of southern Italy. On the bed of the river, there is the association Artemisio variabilis-Helichrysetum italici, which has been described for the Lucano-Calabrian fiumare. This has particular aspects that have been formally described in the subassociation arundinetosum plinii. There is also the pioneering hygro-nitrophilous vegetation of the association Polygono lapatifolii-Xanthietum italici. On the first alluvial terrace, the communities seen are: the garrigue with Lomelosia crenata subsp. pseudisetensis, for which we propose the new association Artemisio variabilis-Lomelosietum pseudisetensis; Hyparrhenia hirta subsp. hirta thermo-xerophilous grasslands of the association Onosmo echioidis-Hyparrhenietum hirtae, which are here in the new subassociation imperatetosum cylindricae; a Tamarix africana wood; and the weakly alo-hygrophilous grasslands of the associations Imperato cylindricae-Juncetum tommasinii and Schoeno nigricantis-Erianthetum ravennae.


River Trigno, vegetation, phytosociology, river bed, alluvial terraces, Abruzzo-Molise