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Fitosociologia 46 (2) 2009

pag. 23-34: I seslerieti di forra a Sesleria caerulea delle Prealpi sud-orientali

L. Poldini¹, L. Giovagnoli², S. Tasinazzo³

¹Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università degli Studi, Via L. Giorgieri 10, 34127 Trieste; e-mail poldini@units.it
²Via Orione 14, 36055 Nove (VI); e-mail prog_ambiente@libero.it
³Via Pascoli 7, 36100 Vicenza (VI); e-mail stefano.tasinazzo@tin.it

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The Sesleria caerulea rocky ribbon-like grasslands into the gorges of Southeastern Prealps. The rocky ribbon-like grasslands dominated by Sesleria caerulea into the gorges of Veneto and Friuli Prealps (NE-Italy) are considered. The consistence, composition and ecology of this interesting coenoses, belonging to Caricenion austroalpinae, are analysed through relevés distributed across an area from Venetian Prealps to Julian Prealps. The role of gorges and canyons dislocated into the refuge massifs of Southeastern Alps during the glacial era, where calciphilous species survived, is shown out. The relevés are compared with Valeriano-Seslerietum occurring in the north of the Alps and with others Sesleria caerulea grasslands in Southern Prealps.


Caricenion austroalpinae, preglacial relicts, Sesleria caerulea gorge coenosis, South-eastern Alps