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Fitosociologia 44 (2) S1 2007

pag. 333-337: Il progetto ECONET-COHAST: strategie per la conservazione degli habitat costieri di Torre Manfria (Sicilia merid.)

R. Guarino, A Guglielmo, F. Ronsisvalle & S. Sciandrello

Dipartimento di Botanica, Università degli Studi di Catania, Via Antonino Longo 19, Catania; e-mail: a.guglielmo@unict.it

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The ECONET-COHAST project: strategies for the conservation of the coastal habitats of Torre Manfria (S-Sicily).The coexistence of several lithological substrata, together with particular geomorphologic and climatic features, are determining the exceptional floristic and faunistic interest of the coastal trait between Gela and Torre Manfria. In order to preserve and enhance coastal habitats, such area has been chosen as case-study in the Interreg project ECONET-COHAST, which involves six partners from four EU countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta). In this paper, the main features of the area are described and the approach followed in order to implement conservation strategies accounting for the local development exigencies is illustrated.


coastal habitats, ICZM, Interreg, Gela, sustainable management, Torre Manfria.