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9th European Dry Grassland Meeting pdf

19 - 23 mag 2012


The 9th European Dry Grassland Meeting will be held in Prespa, N Greece. The overarching topic is "Dry Grasslands of Europe: Grazing and Ecosystem Services"; three full-day excursions are included.

Deadline for registration is 28 February 2012


a) grazing impacts on biotic environment (impacts on plants, vegetation units, fauna, etc.),

b) grazing impacts on abiotic environment (impacts on soil and water resources, desertification, climate change and dry grasslands, etc.),

c) ecology and management of dry grasslands (all types of biotic interactions, succession, biodiversity, restoration and conservation of dry grasslands, etc.),

d) dry grasslands and rural societies (grasslands of high nature value, CAP
reforms, permanent pastures, science-based policy, etc.).

All other topics related to dry grassland ecosystems are also welcome.

Preliminary time schedule:
18.05 (Friday): arrival to Prespa, registration, accommodation
19.05 (Saturday): registration, opening ceremony, lectures, poster session, HERPAS General Assembly
20.05 (Sunday): excursion to Mt. Devas, boat trip to Macro Prespa Lake, grassland party
21.05 (Monday): lectures, poster session, EDGG General Assembly
22.05 (Tuesday): excursion to Mt. Varnous, visit to Agios Achillios island, meeting with local herders
23.05 (Wednesday): excursion to Mt. Sfika

For more informations, download the pdf file on top page and visit the conference homepage at http://www.edgg.org/edgg_meeting_2012.html

See also the EDGG (European Dry Grassland Group) web site