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7th Biennial Conference International Biogeography Society

8 - 12 gen 2015


The University of Bayreuth welcomes the International Biogeography Society for its 7th international conference.

Conference program committee:

Daniel Gavin (IBS VP for Conferences), Department of Geography, University of Oregon, USA

Carl Beierkuhnlein, Department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth, Germany

Ella Vázquez Domínguez, Instituto de Ecología, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Rosemarie Gillespie (IBS President), Department of Environmental Science, University of California Berkeley, USA

Local Scientific Committee:

Carl Beierkuhnlein

Birgit Thies

Kostas Triantis

Manuel Steinbauer

Björn Reineking

Stephanie Thomas

Gregor Aas

Bettina Engelbrecht

Anke Jentsch

Thomas Köllner

Jürgen Dengler

Early-bird registration fee is available until 30 August 2014; late registration until 5 January 2015. Abstracts submission deadline is 10 October 2014.

more information on the official website

Plenary Session Topics (PS) and Sessions on Contributed Talks (SCT):

PS-1 Global Functional Diversity in a Data-Rich Era

PS-2 Tracking Changes from Space: Advances of Remote Sensing in Biogeography

PS-3 Paleobiogeography: The Importance of Fossil Data to Species Biogeography Past, Present, and Future

PS-4 Adaptation, Migration, Persistence, Extinction: New Insights from Past Climate Changes

SCT-1 Island Biogeography

SCT-2 Central European Cultural Landscapes

SCT-3 Climate-Change Biogeography

SCT-4 Conservation Biogeography

SCT-5 Pre-Quaternary Paleoecology & Biogeography

SCT-6 Quaternary Paleoecology

SCT-7 Phylogeography

SCT-8 Marine Biogeography

SCT-9 Natural-Disturbance Biogeography

SCT-10 Global-Scale Biogeography

SCT-11 Hot Topics in Biogeography