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7th Planta Europa Conference

21 - 25 mag 2013


7th Planta Europa Conference: “Plants for people, people for plants

- call for papers -

This 7th Planta Europa conference aims at bringing together environmental stake holders, scientists, theologians, scholars, politicians, sociologists, farmers, specialists and amateurs to exchange information and insights to promote actions for supporting plant conservation activities and for  building knowledge about plant conservation and their sustainable use. Planta Europa conferences focus on the need for a human response to plant diversity loss and unsustainable utilization of biodiversity in general.  It affirms human responsibility for the well being of the Earth and the vast communities of Life. The goal of the conference is to create a multi-disciplinary and international forum for information and knowledge exchange among all friends of plants who are conscious of their responsibility toward a more sustainable future for wild plant diversity and population.

More details on the Conference website.

Themes of the Conference:

Taxonomy and wild plant biology

Ecosystem services and biodiversity

Eco-theology and plant ethics

Climate change and plants preservation

In-situ and ex-situ conservation

Education and capacity building

Protected and reserved areas, ipas

Herbarium, museums and botanic gardens

Scientific research and development

Invasive species

Models and issues of sustainable use of plants: edible, commercial, medicinal, aromatic, pharmaceutical and tourism.

Politics and eu conservation strategy

Social media and information

Awareness, best practices, and ad hocs