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Global Vegetation Monitoring and Modeling

3 - 7 feb 2014


The objective of the “Global Vegetation Monitoring and Modeling” International Conference (GV2M) is to bring researchers together to discuss the new developments in the use of remote sensing observations and Earth system modeling with emphasis on applications related to water, carbon and nitrogen cycles, climate processes and change, agriculture and forest monitoring over large spatial domains using possibly long time series of satellite observations.

Venue: Palais des Papes, Avignon, France


S1: Traits - Chairs: S. Ustin (Univ. Davis) & J. Kattge (MPI Hamburg)

S2: Land cover and land use change - Chairs: J. Pongratz (MPI Hamburg) & M. Herold (Univ. Wageningen)

S3: Assimilation (carbon and Weather/Climate) - Chairs: P. Rayner (CSIRO) & P. Lewis (UCL London)

S4: Agriculture Global Monitoring - Chairs: C. Justice (Univ. Maryland) & P. Defourny (UCL, Louvain)

S5: Long time series, trends and anomalies over the past 30 years and continuation - Chairs: R. Myneni (Univ. Boston) & V. Brovkin (MPI Hamburg)

S6: Site measurements, scaling, modeling and remote sensing - Chairs: D. Baldocchi (Univ. berkeley) & P. Ciais (LSCE, Orsay)

S7: Land ECV available products and new products - Chairs: J. Penuelas (CREAF, Barcelona) & M. Berger (EC/DG-RTD)

info at: https://colloque.inra.fr/gv2m